"When Mum and Dad put me on that plane to visit my cousins in England, they told me, 'Son, you're special, you were born to do great things.' You know what? They were right.”


To build a city at the bottom of the sea! Insanity. But where else could we be free from the clutching hand of the Parasites? Where else could we build an economy that they would not try to control, a society that they would not try to destroy? It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea.

It was impossible to build it anywhere else

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Meet Yuma: Deadly tactician, general of the Royal Army, and Pagan Min’s right-hand woman.


'Awake' by Jason Arney|Website


Women in video games appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

↳ Concept art (C) Ubisoft

We have two different Edens of the world. Where one was floating beyond the clouds whilst another was buried under the ocean. It’s your choice now to decide which one would you spend your life on.”

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